PMD 5.8.1 released

01 July 2017

01-July-2017 - 5.8.1

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 5.8.1.

This is a bug fixing release.

Table Of Contents

Fixed Issues

  • java
    • #471: [java] Error while processing class when EnumMap is used in PMD 5.8.0
    • #477: [core] NoClassDefFoundError under 5.8
    • #478: [core] Processing issues dealing with anonymous classes

API Changes

  • The getGenericArgs() method introduced to TypeNode in 5.8.0 was removed. You can access to generics’ info through the JavaTypeDefinition object.
  • The JavaTypeDefinitionBuilder class introduced in 5.8.0 is not more. You can use factory methods available on JavaTypeDefinition

External Contributions

  • #472: [java] fix error with raw types, bug #471