Call For Logo

18 February 2019

Call For Logo

PMD’s logo was great for a long time. But now we want to take the opportunity with the next major release to change our logo in order to use a more “politically correct” one. As you probably know, PMD’s current logo is showing a gun with the tagline “Don’t shoot the messenger”. While this was probably intended as a joke when PMD was a minor tool 12 years back, it might be offensive nowadays / not aligned with corporate policies from organizations that would otherwise benefit from PMD. PMD is in no way glorifying weapons or violence - PMD is about software quality, and helping developers improve their craft. Having a logo that illustrates those values without negative connotations makes it possible to use the logo in presentations without warning audiences.

Now comes your part: If you have a good idea for a logo, please share it with us! Maybe you like to design logos or you are even a professional designer, then that’s your chance :smile:

This issue here is used to collect the suggestions and let all of you vote. Each suggested logo has its own comment, and everybody can vote for a logo with a “thumbs up” (:+1:). The votes are open until the end of May 2019. The logo, that has the most votes will win.

Participate on github issue #1663.

Note: If you submit a logo, you must hold the rights for the logo and be willing to concede such rights to the PMD project free of charge upon being selected.