PMD 6.55.0 released

25 February 2023

25-February-2023 - 6.55.0

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 6.55.0.

This is a minor release.

Table Of Contents

New and noteworthy

PMD 7 Development

This release is the last planned release of PMD 6. The first version 6.0.0 was released in December 2017. Over the course of more than 5 years we published almost every month a new minor version of PMD 6 with new features and improvements.

Already in November 2018 we started in parallel the development of the next major version 7.0.0, and we are now in the process of finalizing the scope of the major version. We want to release a couple of release candidates before publishing the final version 7.0.0.

We plan to release 7.0.0-rc1 soon. You can see the progress in PMD 7 Tracking Issue #3898.

Java 20 Support

This release of PMD brings support for Java 20. There are no new standard language features.

PMD supports JEP 433: Pattern Matching for switch (Fourth Preview) and JEP 432: Record Patterns (Second Preview) as preview language features.

In order to analyze a project with PMD that uses these language features, you’ll need to enable it via the environment variable PMD_JAVA_OPTS and select the new language version 20-preview:

export PMD_JAVA_OPTS=--enable-preview
./ pmd --use-version java-20-preview ...

T-SQL support

Thanks to the contribution from Paul Guyot PMD now has CPD support for T-SQL (Transact-SQL).

Being based on a proper Antlr grammar, CPD can:

Fixed Issues

  • core
    • #4395: [core] Support environment variable CLASSPATH with pmd.bat under Windows
  • java
    • #4333: [java] Support JDK 20
  • java-errorprone
    • #4393: [java] MissingStaticMethodInNonInstantiatableClass false-positive for Lombok’s @UtilityClass for classes with non-private fields

API Changes


  • The LanguageModule of Go, that only supports CPD execution, has been deprecated. This language is not fully supported by PMD, so having a language module does not make sense. The functionality of CPD is not affected by this change. The following class has been deprecated and will be removed with PMD 7.0.0:


  • Support for Java 18 preview language features have been removed. The version “18-preview” is no longer available.
  • The experimental class has been removed.

External Contributions

  • #4384: [swift] Add more swift 5.x support (#unavailable mainly) - Richard B. (@kenji21)
  • #4390: Add support for T-SQL using Antlr4 lexer - Paul Guyot (@pguyot)
  • #4392: [java] Fix #4393 MissingStaticMethodInNonInstantiatableClass: Fix false-positive for field-only class - Dawid Ciok (@dawiddc)


  • 40 commits
  • 11 closed tickets & PRs
  • Days since last release: 28