PMD For Eclipse 7.0.0.v20230410-1321-rc1 Released

10 April 2023

A new PMD for Eclipse plugin version has been released. It is available via the update site:

This is a release candidate for the next major release.

New and noteworthy

  • Beginning with version 7 of this plugin, only the last four eclipse releases are supported. The plugin might still work with older versions, but it’s only developed and tested against the newer versions.

  • The version number of the PMD Eclipse Plugin now is synchronized with the supported and used PMD version. For Bugfixes in the PMD Eclipse Plugin only, a new version is released with the same major, minor, and patch, but a new qualifier only.

  • The minimum required Java version is Java 8.

  • The PMD Designer can’t be started from within the plugin anymore. Please install PMD Designer separately when needed.

  • Updated to PMD 7.0.0-rc1

Fixed Issues

  • #122: Update PMD 7 Logo in eclipse pmd plugin
  • #172: Only support the last 4 eclipse releases
  • #174: Upgrade to PMD 7