PMD For Eclipse 7.0.0.v20230530-1924-rc3 Released

30 May 2023

A new PMD for Eclipse plugin version has been released. It is available via the update site:

This is a release candidate for the next major release.

New and noteworthy

  • Updated to PMD 7.0.0-rc3

Fixed Issues

  • #171: Radio button for local rules in project properties dialog is missing
  • #178: Message not interpolated in “Show details…” dialog

API Changes

The following packages are no longer public API and are not exported anymore:

  • name.herlin.command
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.core.impl
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.actions
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.model
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.views.actions

The following classes have finally been removed. Most of them have been deprecated before:

  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.preferences.PMDPreferencePage
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.preferences.RuleCellModifier
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.preferences.RuleDialog
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.preferences.RulePropertyCellModifier (was not deprecated)
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.preferences.RuleSetExcludeIncludePatternCellModifier (was not deprecated)
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.views.actions.ShowRuleAction (was not deprecated)
  • net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.ui.views.rules.RuleEditorView