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29-May-2016 - 5.4.2

New Supported Languages:

  • CPD supports now Swift (see PR#33).

Feature Request and Improvements:

  • A JSON-renderer for PMD which is compatible with CodeClimate. See PR#83.
  • #1360: Provide backwards compatibility for PMD configuration file

Modified Rules:

  • java-design/UseVargs: public static void main method is ignored now and so are methods, that are annotated with Override. See PR#79.

Pull Requests:

  • #27: Added support for Raw String Literals (C++11).
  • #29: Added support for files with UTF-8 BOM to JSP tokenizer.
  • #30: Removed file filter for files that are explicitly specified on the CPD command line using the ‘–files’ command line option.
  • #31: Added file encoding detection to CPD.
  • #32: Extended Objective-C grammar to accept UTF-8 escapes (\uXXXX) in string literals.
  • #33: Added support for Swift to CPD.
  • #79: do not flag public static void main(String[]) as UseVarargs; ignore @Override for UseVarargs
  • #80: Update
  • #83: Adds new Code Climate-compliant JSON renderer
  • #85: #1340 UseStringBufferForStringAppends False Positive with Ternary Operator


  • java-basic/DoubleCheckedLocking:
    • #1471: False positives for DoubleCheckedLocking
  • java-basic/SimplifiedTernary:
    • #1424: False positive with ternary operator
  • java-codesize/TooManyMethods:
    • #1457: TooManyMethods counts inner class methods
  • java-controversial/AvoidUsingShortType:
    • #1449: false positive when casting a variable to short
  • java-design/AccessorClassGeneration:
    • #1452: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with Annotations for AccessorClassGenerationRule
  • java-design/CloseResource
    • #1479: CloseResource false positive on Statement
  • java-design/UseUtilityClass:
    • #1467: UseUtilityClass can’t correctly check functions with multiple annotations
  • java-imports/UnusedImports:
    • #1465: False Positve UnusedImports with javadoc @link
  • java-junit/TestClassWithoutTestCases:
    • #1453: Test Class Without Test Cases gives false positive
  • java-optimizations/UseStringBufferForStringAppends:
    • #1340: UseStringBufferForStringAppends False Positive with ternary operator
  • java-sunsecure/ArrayIsStoredDirectly:
    • #1475: False positive of MethodReturnsInternalArray
    • #1476: False positive of ArrayIsStoredDirectly
  • java-unnecessary/UnnecessaryFinalModifier:
    • #1464: UnnecessaryFinalModifier false positive on a @SafeVarargs method
  • java-unusedcode/UnusedFormalParameter:
    • #1456: UnusedFormalParameter should ignore overriding methods
  • java-unusedcode/UnusedLocalVariable
    • #1484: UnusedLocalVariable - false positive - parenthesis
  • java-unusedcode/UnusedModifier
    • #1480: false positive on public modifier used with inner interface in enum
  • General
    • #1455: PMD doesn’t handle Java 8 explicit receiver parameters
    • #1458: Performance degradation scanning large XML files with XPath custom rules
    • #1461: Possible threading issue due to PR#75
    • #1470: Error with type-bound lambda
    • #1481: no problems found results in blank file instead of empty xml

CLI Changes:

  • CPD: If a complete filename is specified, the language dependent filename filter is not applied. This allows to scan files, that are not using the standard file extension. If a directory is specified, the filename filter is still applied and only those files with the correct file extension of the language are scanned.
  • CPD: If no problems found, an empty report will be output instead of nothing. See also #1481
  • New command line parameter for PMD: -norulesetcompatibility - this disables the ruleset factory compatibility filter and fails, if e.g. an old rule name is used in the ruleset. See also #1360. This option is also available for the ant task: <noRuleSetCompatibility>true</noRuleSetCompatibility>.