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PMD Release Notes

25-Februar-2017 - 5.5.4

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 5.5.4

New and noteworthy

New Rules

AccessorMethodGeneration (java-design)

When accessing a private field / method from another class, the Java compiler will generate a accessor methods with package-private visibility. This adds overhead, and to the dex method count on Android. This situation can be avoided by changing the visibility of the field / method from private to package-private.

For instance, it would report violations on code such as:

public class OuterClass {
    private int counter;
    /* package */ int id;

    public class InnerClass {
        InnerClass() {
            OuterClass.this.counter++; // wrong, accessor method will be generated

        public int getOuterClassId() {
            return; // id is package-private, no accessor method needed

This new rule is part of the java-design ruleset.

Modified Rules

  • The Java rule UnusedModifier (ruleset java-unusedcode) has been expanded to consider more redundant modifiers.

    • Annotations marked as abstract.
    • Nested annotations marked as static.
    • Nested annotations within another interface or annotation marked as public.
    • Classes, interfaces or annotations nested within an annotation marked as public or static.
    • Nested enums marked as static.
  • The Java rule UnnecessaryLocalBeforeReturn (ruleset java-design) no longer requires the variable declaration and return statement to be on consecutive lines. Any variable that is used solely in a return statement will be reported.

Fixed Issues

  • General
    • #234: [core] Zip file stream closes spuriously when loading rulesets
    • #256: [core] shortnames option is broken with relative paths
  • apex-complexity
    • #251: [apex] NCSS Type length is incorrect when using method chaining
  • apex-security
    • #264: [apex] ApexXSSFromURLParamRule shouldn’t enforce ESAPI usage. String.escapeHtml4 is sufficient.
  • java-basic
    • #232: [java] SimplifiedTernary: Incorrect ternary operation can be simplified.
  • java-coupling
    • #270: [java] LoD false positive
  • java-design
    • #933: [java] UnnecessaryLocalBeforeReturn false positive for SuppressWarnings annotation
    • #1496: [java] New Rule: AccesorMethodGeneration - complements accessor class rule
    • #216: [java] [doc] NonThreadSafeSingleton: Be more explicit as to why double checked locking is not recommended
    • #219: [java] UnnecessaryLocalBeforeReturn: ClassCastException in switch case with local variable returned
    • #240: [java] UnnecessaryLocalBeforeReturn: Enhance by checking usages
  • java-optimizations
    • #215: [java] RedundantFieldInitializer report for annotation field not explicitly marked as final
  • java-unusedcode
    • #246: [java] UnusedModifier doesn’t check annotations
    • #247: [java] UnusedModifier doesn’t check annotations inner classes
    • #248: [java] UnusedModifier doesn’t check static keyword on nested enum declaration
    • #257: [java] UnusedLocalVariable false positive

External Contributions

  • #227: [apex] Improving detection of getters
  • #228: [apex] Excluding count from CRUD/FLS checks
  • #229: [apex] Dynamic SOQL is safe against Integer, Boolean, Double
  • #231: [apex] CRUD/FLS rule - add support for fields
  • #266: [java] corrected invalid reporting of LoD violation
  • #268: [apex] Support safe escaping via String method
  • #273: [apex] Shade jackson on apex