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Welcome to PMD

PMD scans source code in Java and other languages and looks for potential problems like:

  • Possible bugs - empty try/catch/finally/switch statements
  • Dead code - unused local variables, parameters and private methods
  • Suboptimal code - wasteful String/StringBuffer usage
  • Overcomplicated expressions - unnecessary if statements, for loops that could be while loops
  • Duplicate code - copied/pasted code means copied/pasted bugs


You can download everything from here, and you can get an overview of all the rules for e.g. Java at the rulesets index page.

PMD is integrated with JDeveloper, Eclipse, JEdit, JBuilder, BlueJ, CodeGuide, NetBeans/Sun Java Studio Enterprise/Creator, IntelliJ IDEA, TextPad, Maven, Ant, Gel, JCreator, and Emacs.


Future releases

The next version of PMD will be developed in parallel with this release. We will release additional bugfix versions as needed.

A snapshot of the web site for the new version is generated daily by our continuous integration server.

Maven packages are also generated regularly and uploaded to Sonatypes OSS snapshot repository.